Jay Shepherd

Jay ShepherdJay Shepherd is a writer and speaker focused on fixing workplaces so that individuals are free to do their best work. Jay runs Prefix, LLC, a firm that helps lawyers learn how to value and price legal services. He also spent 13 years running the Boston management-side employment-law boutique Shepherd Law Group, which stopped billing (or even tracking) hours in 2006. He is the author of Firing at Will: A Manager’s Guide, which is an unlawyerly handbook for management’s riskiest HR decision.

Jay writes the ABA Blawg 100 honoree The Client Revolution, which focuses on reinventing the business of law, and Gruntled Employees, a workplace blog. He has also been a columnist for Above the Law, the most widely read law blog in the US.

Follow Jay on Twitter at @jayshep, and connect with him on LinkedIn.